Tint Chek 1800

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Product Description

"Tint-Chek" Window Tint Meter TC1800
Measure VLT or Visible Light Transmission (Transmittance) of automotive glass as well as any glass/film up to 1/4" or 6.5mm thick.

Features and Benefits:
> TC1800 is rugged and made with quality components that will last for years
> Designed with no moving parts which results in tremendous reliability and durability
> You can slide the glass into the opening in any direction, with no concern for damaging a lever switch or scratching the surface of the glass being tested
> TC1800 takes high-speed measurements shown on the real-time display
> No drifting of values, as the TC1800 locks on one accurate result
> Auto-off feature after several minutes of non-use to help conserve battery life
> TC1800 uses patent-pending techniques to remove any ambient light conditions that may be changing in the testing environment
> TC1800 is so thin it fits comfortably into a shirt pocket and also makes the device easier to slip around tight edges of a car window

Included Accessories:
> Protective Carrying Case
> Two NIST Traceable Calibration Standards
> 9-volt battery - ready to take measurements right out of the box!

Made In The USA!