SOTT Black and Blue Tool Bag

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ST0016S Black Tool Bag 


***Strap in picture sold separately*** (ST0017S) Professional installers often find themselves doing acrobatics to get to their tools while working. We want to respond to the installers' needs so we present you with the Tool Bag specially designed for vinyl installers to meet their requirements. Magnetic Compartments- there are magnetic plates sown into the material to conveniently stick your installing magnets. Specially Designed Knife Compartments- 8 knife compartments with custom depths of 8 and 10 cm to make sure your knives always peek out a little. This way you can grab and return them quickly. Safe Tape Measure Holder- The tape measure holder is made of sturdy plastic to avoid inadvertent damage when you lean against a car. Mounting Tape Holder- On the bottom of the Tool Bag there is a belt with a quick release. Attach your mounting tape there to quickly grab it when you need it. Protected Against Damage- Sott's Tool Bag is especially made of industrial-grade textile material and has an elliptical shape to reduce the chance of scratching the vehicle. Sturdy Plastic Strap (**Sold Separately**)- Industrial grade strap that doesn't bend or collapse when your tool bag is filled with tools. Squeegee Pockets for Quick Access- The tool bag has 2 extra pockets with adjustable depths for squeegees that you want to grab without looking. Extra Magnetic Pocket- On the front, there is another magnetic pocket underneath the material to stick metal tools or screws or another magnet. Ideal and very clever. Special Shape- Sott's Tool bag has one large compartment in the middle for gloves, wipes, etc. It has a special shape, so it doesn't bother you by wiggling between you and the vehicle. This reduces damage-prone situations.

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