ProToolsNow Platinum EZ Reach Corner Tool (Redesigned)

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A214 Platinum EZ Reach 

The ProToolsNow Platinum EZ Reach Corner Tool (Redesigned) is a 1/4 millimeter thicker and slightly more rigid than the original Platinum version. As before, the unique design of the EZ Reach provides installers access to difficult installation areas. Try it for yourself, and see why most installers prefer the Platinum EZ Reach over the Gold EZ Reach. 

Made In The USA


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    Favorite Triangle Tool, Thin Yet Sturdy

    Posted by Donnie on 25th Jul 2016

    This is by far my favorite triangle/corner tool. Thinner than the gold triangle but still stiff enough to to get back into those hard to reach corners. Also works very well for squeegeeing the water out from behind the gaskets on the side of windows and also at the bottom. Another great use for this tool is opening the bottom gaskets to tuck the film down into the door. After reading this review it sounds like I could tint a whole car with it lol. That pretty much sums it up, this thing is awesome!

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    A must have tool

    Posted by Hutch on 4th May 2016

    Best tool to use for tight trim areas and seals. I would say this is a must have tool for doing any door Windows and getting into tight places. The stiff and rigid plastic along with sharp edges allows you to slide this tool in about anywhere!

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    My Favorite tint tool period.

    Posted by Intense Dips & Tints on 26th Oct 2014

    If you tint windows you need an EZ Reach. Platinum or gold both work great, I prefer the stiffer Platinum version but still use and buy both. Very versatile tool used from tucking film to pulling back seals to closing edges and everything in between. CAUTION: Very easly scratches tint, Keep it sanded!

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    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2014

    Work well no complaints

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    best tool ever!!

    Posted by luis macias on 20th May 2014

    I love this tool because it can be used to reach the hardest places like corners and whatnot

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    must have EZ Reach plat for pro installations

    Posted by nick on 13th May 2014

    I just got this and I Freaking love it. awesome! can reach behind any seal no problem.

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    Absolutel must have!!!

    Posted by Wayne Hall on 19th Mar 2014

    If you are a window tinter and these aren't in your tool belt you are truly missing out...they wear quickly so be vigilant...keep sandpaper handy 2500 grit

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