Olfa RB 60 Rotary Cutter Blades (5 pack)

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0.14 LBS


Replacement blade for Olfa's largest size Rotary Cutter designed for industrial applications or for Hobby, Quilting, Arts & Craft projects and sewing. It cuts up to 8 layers of fabric and is suitable for heavy-duty projects. For companies cutting industrial and recreational textiles, leather, technical fabric, vinyl, fiberglass, roll fabric, high modulus composites, using automated cutting machines, high-quality OLFA® rotary blades can prove to be more cost effective. The blade is circular and rolls over the material to be cut in any direction backward or forward, straight or curved. OLFA® Rotary Blades are often used in automated cutting machines made by Gerber, Eastman Machine, Autometrix, etc.   Also, available in bulk pack, please contact us for details and pricing.

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