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  • Mystery Box
  • Mystery Box


Feeling lucky?  

Our warehouse team and Tim put these together to give you not only a great value but also a fun way to explore new tools you may not normally purchase. If you are a large company supplying many installers this can be a great way to try new film, tools, chemicals and car care supplies that you normally would not think to buy. Each box has a guaranteed value of minimum $120 retail and because we like to keep if fun it could be worth FAR more. Feeling lucky? Buy a mystery box.

Could include :

Olfa Knives and Blades

Tri Edge tools 

Fusion tools



Tint Keg products

Avery Dennision products 

EDTM products 

yellotools products 

ProToolsNow products 

Performax / 44Tools products 

Lidco products 

3M products 


Adam's Polishes


Jax Wax 

Sierra Auto Salon

XPEL products 

Tint Slime products 

Eastman products 

Sott products 



We have partnered with SAVAGE TOOLS to do a limited run of 30 #44ToolsMysterybox MARCH MYSTERY BOX specials.

The first 30 people to order Mystery boxes starting April 1st will not only get everything that normally comes in a Mystery Box (each box is guaranteed to have higher value than purchase price) but each box will also include a 6 pack of Savage Tools scrapper blades at no additional cost. 

One of the 30 boxes will have a retail value of DOUBLE the retail price.


***please note :


NO RETURNS on Mystery Boxes.

EACH MYSTERY BOX is unique. Nothing is guaranteed OTHER than the retail value of the box will be between $128 and $228 dollars..OR even MORE! You pay only $100. Roll the dice if you like to gamble. Roll the dice if you like to stretch your dollar farther. ****

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