Liner Cutting Tool & Top Sheet Knife TS-1

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OLFA Liner Cutter

An innovative tool that offers a unique way to cut only a single, top sheet of material. Easy sheet thickness adjustment - simply set from "MIN" for cutting a thin sheet, to "MAX" for cutting a thicker sheet of material. No user pressure adjustment necessary during the cut. Cuts up to 90lbs liner & sheets up to 0.004" (0.1mm) thick. Can be used to cut liner, films, paper, plastic sheeting and tape. Special Note: The Olfa Liner Cutting Tool makes "Cut and Peal" liners on any Pressure Sensitive Vinyl (PSV) film. 

This Liner Cutting Tool works so easily to cut just the liner and not the film face. If you have ever made decals, you won’t believe how easy this tool is to use. How to use: Just set the blade depth on the side of the knife; maximum equates to 0.1mm thick. Then, slide the yellow blade slider forward. Next, press onto the liner of any brand of vinyl film and drag the knife blade across the liner. Then simply peel the liner back when ready to install the graphic, decal or wrap film. Can be used for many other cutting needs in a graphics shop as well! Usage Tips: Hold the TS-1 as you would hold a pen and cut with just enough pressure to remove any space between cutting material and the base of the TS-1. Trial cut is recommended while adjusting the cutting pressure. Place an underlay to avoid the possibility of damage to the material beneath until trial cuts demonstrate no damage to underlay. For surfaces requiring extra protection, usage of an underlay at all times is recommended.


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