Glass-Chek Elite Glass & Air with Low-E + Laminated Glass

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  • Glass-Chek Elite Glass & Air with Low-E + Laminated Glass
  • Glass-Chek Elite Glass & Air with Low-E + Laminated Glass
  • Glass-Chek Elite Glass & Air with Low-E + Laminated Glass
  • Glass-Chek Elite Glass & Air with Low-E + Laminated Glass

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The Glass-Chek ELITE is suited perfectly for glass replacement, but it's perfect for many other applications as well. Whether you're installing or servicing in the field, spot checking in production, or inspecting a building, the Glass-Chek ELITE simply gives you the answers you need to do the job right. No more guesswork - just simple results.

The Glass-Chek ELITE has some significant advantages over previous models, including:
•NEW: Identify Laminated Glass Identify laminated glass in a window, and measure the thickness of the laminate inner-layer.  In a special operating mode, users can also identify which piece of glass has the Low-E coating when the Low-E surface is placed against the laminate inner-layer.
•NEW: Graphical Display with Window Illustrations. The new Graphical Display shows the window drawn approximately to scale, and assigns numbers to each piece of glass and glass surface in the window. This is a great visual aid in understanding the exact makeup of a window and identifying the Low-E coated surface. Triple Pane Thickness Measurement:Measure glass, air space and overall IG thickness of triple pane windows - all at the single push of a button. The GC3200 works with single and double pane applications as well. The display example above displays the measurements of 3 panes of glass (G1, G2, G3), air space (A1), laminate inner-layer (L1) and the total IG thickness (total). Each piece of glass is clearly labeled on the window illustration - showing that there is an air space in between glass 1 and glass 2 while the laminate inner-layer is found between glass 2 and glass 3. 
• Detect location and determine type of Low-E coatings present (Popular Feature):The Glass-Chek ELITE is capable of locating a Low E coating on a double pane window from a single side. This is a major advantage while testing multi-story buildings where you only have access to the inside of the window. More significantly, the Glass-Chek ELITE displays whether the coating is hard or soft coat low-E. When a soft coat is detected, the meter classifies it as single, double, or triple silvered. This enables users to identify types of low-E coatings in the factory or in the field, and it's especially useful for glass replacement applications. In the display example above, the GC3200 is detecting a Double Silver Soft Coat Low-E Coating on surface 2. The window illustration makes it clear which surface has the low-E coating in relation to the meter's location.  Importance of knowing Low-E Type When replacing glass, you must know the type of Low-E being used. Using the wrong coating can negatively affect the energy performance of a window. Additionally, the type of coating used on glass significanly effects the way a window reflects light. If you use a coating inconsistent with what is used throughout the rest of the building, the visual appearance will be affected, and the window could look significantly different than the other windows.
• Multiple Display Formats:You can set up the Glass-Chek ELITE to display measurement results in the format that works best for you. Choose from actual values or rounded to ASTM Standards in fractions (in inches), thousandths of an inch, decimal millimeters and more.
• Multiple Languages available:The Glass-Chek ELITE can be formatted to display in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish (Latin America), Dutch and Italian. The meter comes pre-formatted in English but can be changed by the user. If you would prefer to have your meter pre-formatted in a different language, please specify when placing your order.
• Completely Portable:Powered by a common (and easily replaceable) 9-volt battery, the GC3200 goes where you go. With the included protective carrying case, you don't have to worry about the meter getting damaged in the field.

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