Flat Glass Starter Kit

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12.00 LBS

Product Description

This Flat Glass Installer Kit gives you everything you need to extend your install abilities and make sure you have the tools you need for most flat glass tint jobs. 

We built this kit based on the considerable order history from expert tinters over the past 15 years. We have analyzed which tools make the biggest difference for our installers and put them together in concise packages. From Beginner to Master upgrading his gear these packages give you the ability to quickly get only what you need and have immediate impact on your ability to provide perfect tint service for each customer. These packages are also fantastic for the shop owner trying to quickly outfit new tinters to and knock out even more jobs with the same quality and consistency! 

This kit includes:

(1) A1205

Poly II Sprayer

  (2) A1899

NT Pro-A1 Red Dot Knife

(2) A1400

Unger Pro Handle

  (2) A2300B

4'' 3M Blue Bondo

(1) A1406

6'' Blade w/ Channel

  (1) B122SG

GEM SS Single Edge Blades (100 Pack)

(1) A1412

12'' Blade w/ Channel

  (1) B129S

Olfa SS Blades (50 Pack)

(1) A1503AW

AllWay Retractable Razor Scraper

  (1) B145S

6'' Triumph SS Scraper Blades (25 Pack)

(1) A1504

6'' Triumph Scraper

  (5) B171W

White Scrub Pad

(1) A1600BC

Performax SS Squeegee w/ Cropped Blue Max

  (1) B3706C

5'' Clear Crush Cropped Blade

(1) A1608

8'' Blade w/ Channel

  (1) ED-5706

Ergodyne 13-Pocket Waist Apron

(1) A1801

Grey 5-Way Tool