ATR Adhesive Remover (1 Quart)

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2.31 LBS

Product Description

 ATR ADHESIVE SOLUTION CONCENTRATED is a super action adhesive remover that is the most powerful in its class! Dissolves adhesive on contact.  ATR's industrial strength is formulated for most tough adhesive removal jobs. The solution contains no alcohol, ammonia or harsh abrasives but still cuts through the adhesive and thereby reduces the removal time. ATR is made in the USA and can be safely shipped anywhere.  


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    Did great!

    Posted by Wilfredo Munera on 14th May 2018

    Taking old glue from a rear auto window is never fun, this product worked as promised, I was impressed how quickly it made the glue easy to remove. Deff a must have for any window tinter.

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    Removes 3M Paint Defender

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2015

    This product is very good in several ways. Had 3M Paint Defender on full front of a GMC Terrain. Defender was past due for removal (sticky, very dull, thinned out after repeated hand washes) and had my window film installer try to get material removed. After no luck with mechanical try and one other chemical, he tried ATR. It worked with no damage to paint. I ordered two bottles and it took 5 hours and 3/4 of a bottle for the Terrain. There is no damage to paint, no harsh smell, have not noticed adverse affect to skin (wore gloves the last 4 hours due to sticky gum of 3M product) and left paint clean and smooth. Suggest that if what you are removing becomes sticky gum, use a lot of small rags (cut up T-shirts). Wish I would have had it when I removed film from home windows. Highly recommend.