44Tools Advanced PPF Installer Kit

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18.00 LBS
  • 44Tools Advanced  PPF Installer Kit
  • 44Tools Advanced  PPF Installer Kit
  • 44Tools Advanced  PPF Installer Kit
  • 44Tools Advanced  PPF Installer Kit


This Advanced PPF Installer Kit gives you everything you need to extend your install abilities and make sure you have the tools you need for most ADVANCED level PPF jobs. 

We built this kit based on the considerable order history from expert PPF installers over the past 15 years. We have analyzed which tools make the biggest difference for our installers and put them together in concise packages. From Beginner to Master upgrading his gear these packages give you the ability to quickly get only what you need and have immediate impact on your ability to provide perfect PPF service for each customer. These packages are also fantastic for the shop owner trying to quickly outfit new tinters to keep the bays full! 

This kit includes:

(1) A1211

Performax Pressurized Sprayer

  (1) B3720


Dirt Pic PPF/Vinyl Debris Pick

(1) A2205

5.5'' Yellow Turbo

  (1) J2W


Jiffy J2W Portable Steamer

(1) A2203G

3.5'' Green Turbo



ProSeries Knife w/ 30 degree Blades

(1) A2205G

5.5'' Green Turbo

  (1) PROGS


ProGlove Small Glove (Pair)

(1) B129S

OLFA AB50S SS Blades (50 Pack)

  (1) ST0016S


SOTT Black & Blue Tool Bag

(1) B197

Fusion PPF Cut N Tuck (4 Pack)

  (1) ST0017S


SOTT Strap for Tool Bag

(1) B3704-5

5'' Fusion PPF Blackout Blade

  (1) ST091


SOTT Tuck-Tool

(1) B3710-8

8'' Fusion Hybrid Squeegee Blade

  (1) TK-3


Tint Keg 3 Gallon Sprayer

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