Excel Dual Flex Cutter/Pin Stripe Tool Set (2 Blades)

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With twin parallel blades, the Excel Dual Flex Cutter/Pin Stripe Tool Set (2 Blades) allows for cutting strips (.12-.63in) through different mediums.

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2 Reviews

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    Quality Tool

    Posted by Jim Croyle on 17th Oct 2016

    This is a quality tool and works very well

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    I wanted to like this..

    Posted by Trevor Dee on 7th Jul 2016

    I was excited to get this tool to quickly and easily cut out matching pin-stripes when I do vinyl graphics, but unfortunately it does't really work that well..

    Adjustment is easy to do, just turn the knob to shrink or expand the gap.

    There's no markings on the tool itself to tell you what size pinstripe you're cutting, so you'll need to hold it up to a tape measure or ruler.

    Blades are easy to replace, but unfortunately the ones that came installed were to dull to cut vinyl (the tips were literally flat), but the replacements look ok.

    The main problem, and reason I gave this 2 stars, is that you can't lock the width. The knobs keep it from opening wider, but if you're cutting along a straight edge and push against it then the gap will shrink and so will the width of your pinstripe. It's even hard to get a 100% uniform width without pushing against a straight edge, honestly.

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