60" Avery Dennison Supreme Protection SPF-XI Paint Protection Film

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25.55 LBS

Product Description

60" Avery Dennison Supreme Protection SPF-XI Film Roll (49 ft)

Overview Key Features:
>Durable optical clarity provides almost invisible protection for painted surfaces
>Room temperature ‘self-healing’ performance
>Excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt-spray resistance
>Up to 10 years UV resistance*
>Low initial tack for wet application; easy to trim  

Key Benefits:
>High scratch resistance with “self-healing” performance
>Resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants to protect against bug splatters, bird droppings or acid rain
>Preserves appearance while helping retain resale value
>Enhances vehicle look with high gloss finish
>Long term durability and yellowing resistance
>Fast and easy to install with excellent conform-ability around curves and recesses

**Some film is not in stock and will need to be special ordered. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the film may take 1-4 days to reach our facility.**

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